Film Processing


Generally we process 35mm film twice a week .

Over 22 years film processing and printing experience. We use professional C41 Kodak chemistry.

Noritsu V30 RA processor. Noritsu Green 3 printer processor. Outstanding quality with this combination and our 22 years of experience .

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*To Develop 24/27 shot Negatives ONLY $15 (*develop the negatives through the chemical process only)

– To Print 24/27 shot from Negatives after Developing $10

Using the Noritsu Green 3 lab. Technically the best printing photo lab on the market today. (2020) Outstanding quality prints. Excellent black and whites.

Develop 36 shot Negatives ONLY $18

Print 36 shot Negatives $15

Digital file to USB of uncut Negatives at same time of Developing (24/27 or 36 shots )

  • Scans with a Noritsu LS-600 film scanner (jpg).
  • $10 per film 24/27
  • $12 per 36 film

We can scan and prints from 35mm slide film from only $0.99 EACH

We can scan and print old black and white film negatives (120 size approx).

We can cross process slide film E6/C41